10 places to travel with your best friend

Our best friend is the perfect adventure buddy. They know you inside out, perhaps even better than you know yourself. Creating a best friend travel bucket list together is such a fun task to do and then there’s going out and ticking the adventures off! Check out my guide to planning your next adventure here.

The memories you make as you work your way through your best friend bucket list are priceless. There are so many places to travel with your best friend that the adventures will last a lifetime. They are the memories you’ll be laughing about for years and years to come, especially if you turn them into a scrapbook. Traveling and sharing memories is one of the best ways to show your BFF that you love them.

If you’re looking for places to travel with your best friend, places to visit with your best friend or ideas for your best friend travel bucket list, this is the blog post for you. Go on, share this with your best friend, get your notepads out and get planning!

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14 places to travel with your best friend…
1. Australia

Traveling or backpacking through Australia is high on many people’s best friends’ bucket lists! It’s not hard to see why Australia is one of the best places to travel with your best friend.

Maybe it’s the tropical climates, the wildlife, the laid-back beachy lifestyle, the epic road trips, or the backpacker goals lifestyle that has you dreaming of a trip down under, or maybe it’s a combination of them all?

Whether you want to try a city break in Sydney, backpacking down the East Coast, a trip to the outback, or a laid-back weekend in Byron Bay, there are so many best things to do in Australia that it can be hard to choose what to do first! Not to mention the bucket list trips to the Whitsundays, Fraser Island, or the Great Barrier Reef! Wherever in Australia, you decide to visit with your best friend, you’re sure to have an awesome time. 

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2. Portugal

Portugal is somewhere I recently spent a fair amount of time in, exploring with my van and my girlfriends, and we absolutely loved it! Portugal is 100% a stop-off you should make on your European road trip or adventure. 


Portugal is a great place to travel with your best friend because there are many awesome things to do in Portugal. Whether it’s for surfing in Nazare or Lagos, exploring the stunning city of Lisbon, or relaxing on the Algarve, Portugal is somewhere to add to your best friend’s bucket list. 

Whether you’re an avid surfer, walker, camper, or beach bummer – Portugal is going to cater to you and your best friend… and.

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3. England

Travelers tend to give England a hard time for its rainfall but where there’s rain, there are lush greens. If you are your BFF loves hiking, then a staycation in England is a great place for your best friend’s bucket list.

The beautiful English countryside, such as that in Yorkshire, the Lake District, Devon, and the South Downs will be, without a doubt, one of the highlights of your English adventure, and trust me, you’ll be missing the cozy English pub scene within days of departure. The most beautiful places in England are going to blow your mind.

From the bustling cities such as London and Leeds, beachside towns in Cornwall and Dorset, to the many Areas of Outstanding Beauty and national parks, England holds its own when it comes to choosing places to travel with your best friend. 

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4. France

From taking on one of the incredible French via ferratas, wine tasting in one of the French wine regions, and hiking in the French Alps to Skiing in Val D’Isere, a city break in Paris, and a Christmas Market road trip, you aren’t short of things to do in France that you can add to your best friend bucket list.


I’ve done many road trips with my best friend through France over the years and your trip to France can include so many incredible types of adventure. You can also try surfing down in Hossegor / Biarritz, climbing in Chamonix, and visiting the champagne region! Gosh, France is amazing!

If you’re based in the UK, getting the ferry to France is an easy option, making France one of many great places to travel with your best friend. The crossing takes around an hour, so you don’t have to worry about going to the airport / hiring a car when you get there. See my experience and tips for the ferry crossing here.

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5. Indonesia

A country that I’ve fallen in love with time and time again, Indonesia really is a great place to travel with your best friend. I’d say it’s one of the cheapest places to travel in Asia, or even in the world, making it perfect for anyone who is traveling on a budget. 


 From exploring the famous island of Bali (for example the surf break in Uluwatu, or the monkey forest in Ubud) to swimming with manta rays on Nusa Lembongan, and discovering the smaller, less travel islands that are equally as beautiful, Indonesia provides plenty of opportunity for adventures for your best friend bucket list.

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6. Italy

Beautiful Italy is one of the best places to travel with your best friend. Seeing the colosseum in Rome should be on everyone’s best friend bucket list, as well as taking a gondola in Venice, seeing the Duomo in Milan, eating all the pasta in Puglia, visiting Pompeii, going on a Calabrian Road trip and exploring some of the best things to do in Sicily.

such as exploring the multicultural capital of Palermo. Hop on a plane with your BFF for a well-deserved dose of sunshine, gelato and good wine!

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7. Greece

There are a million reasons to visit Greece, and it’s one of the best places to travel with your best friend. From swimming in the turquoise waters to exploring underground lakes, exploring the history in Athens or Crete, sailing around the Ionian Islands, or going on a road trip across the Greek mainland, it’s one of the best places to put on your best friend’s bucket list. 


8. Thailand

Thailand is such a popular destination for first-time backpackers due to its low cost of living, and high delivery of adventure and freedom (partying) – the best of both worlds and ideal for an adventure with your best friend.

From buy one get one free bucket and partying with international backpackers in some of the most gorgeous locations in the world such as Bangkok, to volunteering in elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai, PADI diving certificates, and island hopping – it’s not hard to see why it’s popular. Why not add Thailand to your best friend’s bucket list and share all the fun with your BFF?

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9. Spain

With 50 provinces, 17 regions, and at least 5 languages, Spain is a super diverse country, so it’s one of the best places to travel with your best friend if you’re looking for some variety in your adventure! From hiking and skiing in the Pyrenees to surfing on the coast, spending a party weekend in Marbella to going on a road trip in Mallorca and catching some of the most beautiful sunsets in Formentor, or enjoying the winter sun in Gran Canaria or a city break in Barcelona.

Spain has something to offer every set of BFFs! Don’t forget the amazing cuisine, stunning architecture, and the fact that Spain hosts some of the best music festivals in the world.

add Spain to your best friend’s bucket list now! 

10. Costa Rica

Get yourselves ready to be immersed in the abundant, rich quality of nature that is on offer in Costa Rica. From what I’ve seen, Costa Rica is truly a playground of nature, consisting of 27 National Parks dotted across the country. Can you imagine? It’s an awesome place to travel with your best friend!

If you’re not kicking back and relaxing on the Caribbean Coast in Santa Teresa, you could be trying your hand at riding the waves along the Pacific Coast. And then after that, you’ll most likely be spending a few nights in the treetops at one of the eco-resorts before diving into the jungle or climbing Costa Rica’s highest mountain. You get the picture… it’s adventure central, great for your best friend bucket list!

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