Araku Valley

Nestled in the lap of the lushly forested Eastern Ghats; araku valley is an unexplored jewel situated in the northeastern corner of Andhra Pradesh. Located at about 1,200 above sea level, Araku valley is a frieze of earth. It is fondly known as the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh, owing to its quaintness and unmatchable beauty. The valley is renowned for its delectable coffee, exquisite green countryside, and rich tribal culture.

Blessed with dazzling waterfalls, dense green forests, sprawling coffee plantations, and an astounding climate, Araku valley has been a prominent tourist destination for quite some time now. Situated 120km away from Visakhapatnam, this picturesque valley offers peace and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The charisma attached to this place has been successful in luring tourists from around the globe.

Araku has several fascinating sites to explore, including the caves of Borra, Tyda, Katiki Falls, Tribal Museum & Padmapuram Botanical Gardens. Besides, such areas, coffee plantations are a must- for those who want to indulge themselves in the richest flavors of coffee. The valley also boasts of growing the first sustainable coffee brand by Indian tribal farmers. Araku doesn’t disappoint adventure enthusiasts either because it’s a popular trekking spot drawing adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.

The valley enjoys a pleasant climate all year long, with days being warm and nights cool and crispy. The year starts with the winter season and slowly progresses towards a somewhat tougher summer season. The mid-time of the year is for monsoons and finally, the year ends with the winter season. This is why the location is a must-see when you’re considering a ride to Vizag.

What is there to see in Araku valley?
Araku valley has a lot to offer to its tourists. Some of its must-visit places include –


1. Borra caves:

 A visit to araku caves is incomplete without visiting the ancient borra caves. These million-year-old limestone caves are the deepest in the country. Situated at an elevation of 1400 m, these caves are bound to mesmerize visitors with their historical and archaeological splendor.

2. Dubriguda waterfalls:

 A fifteen-kilometer drive from araku valley will lead you to these stunning waterfalls where you would be welcomed by the fresh breeze and striking views. The waterfalls have massive natural rock formations with milky water streams flowing gently through the valley.

3. Aruka valley coffee museum: A paradise for all coffee enthusiasts; it is a small museum located inside the araku valley coffee house where the origin of coffee in east Africa and its cultivation in the araku valley are explained. Don’t forget to collect its amazing coffee beans and assorted coffee-based chocolates on your way back home.

4. Ananthagiri hill station: Situated between Vizag and araku valley, Ananthagiri is a pristine hill station that offers a picture-perfect view of the araku valley. It has numerous waterfalls with a striking view of the valley on one side and coffee estates on the other. Enjoy the picturesque sights like the dense forests, the sunrise and sunsets, and colossal mountains along with a warm cup of coffee.

5. Tribal Museum: This museum is a treat for all those people who have a thirst for discovering new traditions and cultures, and then this is the perfect place for you. This museum has extensive exhibits of the tribal people of eastern Andhra Pradesh which includes models of village panchayats, agricultural activities, village ceremonies, and many other scenes. The drawings and artwork of the tribal people here adorn the museum’s walls.

What are the best things to do in Araku valley?


1. Trekking:

Araku valley is the perfect place for all travel and adventure junkies. It is considered one of the top trekking destinations in Andhra Pradesh.  You will love to hike and explore the colossal mountains of the valley. You can indulge in early morning treks and can even join some of the trekking camps being held there.

2. Shopping:

 Bring out the shopaholic in you with a visit to the Araku Adivasi arts and crafts center. Located between the coffee house and the bus station, this tribal and crafts center is a very famous shopping hub.  Spoil yourself with the vast selection of local tribal jewellery, jute bags and ornaments made from brass and wrought iron.

3. Camping:

If you are a wildlife explorer and love camping, then you ought to visit the tidal nature park. There are log huts and tents being set up for tourists for a great camping experience.  You can also enjoy many other activities here including rock climbing, trekking, bird watching, and bow arrow shooting.