About Us

Memorable Places

Something that is memorable is worth remembering or likely to be remembered, because it is special or very enjoyable.

Educational Stuff

the strategy that helps to think deeply about a text by activating background knowledge about a text and extending thinking about what was read.

I don’t do regrets.

You can’t have regrets if you know that everything you did at the time was what you wanted but you sure can have regrets if you knew exactly what you wanted, yet chose to do nothing about it.

I live my life pursuing my dreams and immersing myself in anything and everything that I love.

I see this blog as my little space on the internet to share my adventures, share my knowledge, share my creations and inspire you guys to go out there and follow YOUR dreams.

Be it traveling the world, applying for your dream job, getting over your ex, or just living life a little bit fuller each day, sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and I hope to be exactly that.

One day you’re going to look back at your life…

Make sure you’re going to smile and wish nothing more than that you could do it all over again.

Who We Are

Nikunj Khandelwal

Hello! I am Nikunj Khandelwal living In Delhi, India. I like to travel and explore new places and experience those new places, and I write my feeling about what I saw or experienced and write down in form of my blogs and give my opinion and reviews on them.


Our Mission & Vision

Express My feeling What I Experience In Blogs

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words when you’re talking about your feelings out loud. Writing them down is a great alternative! You could start keeping a journal, which has many benefits including stress relief.

Give information About New places

Too much stress isn’t good for your mental health and taking a break once in a while can protect you from further mental health issues, such as depression. Visiting new places is also a great way to keep your brain active. When you’re young, you’re learning all the time. Mainly because you have to go to school.

Reviews On What I Experiences

It should clearly describe what you have in your post for your readers. By this, visitors will be clear that your blog post is what they are looking for. Include a summary of your post in your descriptions.

Tips For Traveling

These could be tips on how to save money for travel, how to get cheap flights or how to choose travel insurance. With these types of articles you’ll want to focus on practical tips that help people save money or have a better experience on the road.

At Lonely Planet, our core values guide our evolution:

  • We pursue a vision of the world in which all are welcome. We believe travel can help foster the connection and understanding that makes meaningful moments possible.